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  • Discover Kiteboarding (on land)
    1 hr 30 min
    149 US dollars
  • Beginner or Intermediate at Washoe Lake (You will get wet)
    3 hr 30 min
    449 US dollars
  • Beginner or Intermediate with a buddy at Washoe Lake (You will get wet...
    5 hr
    799 US dollars
  • Intermediate and Advanced (New Skills, Kiteboarding level 1 required)
    2 hr
    299 US dollars
  • Learn to kite on the snow
    3 hr
    399 US dollars
  • 3 hr
    399 US dollars

ABOUT Tahoe Kites

Kiteboarding is an up and coming sport with huge availability generated since 1999 to 2006. Since 2006 the technology has made kiteboarding a safer sport that almost anyone can learn. It is as simple as harnessing the wind. Most of the time wind is what keeps people indoors, aside from sailors. Open up your world with a lesson in what a great asset the wind can be.

Shandor Korda has been teaching since 2013 and helped over 70 people start their adventure in kiteboarding/kitesurfing. He has also taught snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, wakeboarding, wind-surfing, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), and mountain biking over 10 years.

Along with kiteboarding the Reno/Tahoe area has a magnificent outdoor opportunity to perform all these sports and more.

Tahoe Kites is dedicated to providing the skills, knowledge, and technology to help anyone enjoy the outdoors.

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